Self-care is the first step to self-love.
Love is life, it is the force within us all. Love is all around us.

The stresses of everyday life can cover this love or light layer by layer, which we all hold within us. This can then manifest into many physical discomforts; such as physical tension, soreness and stiffness; to mental and emotional ailments such as stress, anxiety and depression. It can also impact us on a spiritual level, for example through a sense of feeling disconnected with yourself. The list goes on.

Reiki can help uncover that love within us by removing unwanted energy piece by piece, and encourage us to get back to our core and authentic self. When we reach this love within, it can help anyone with physical, emotional and mental discomforts. This can help the relationships we have with others, whether it’s colleagues, family members, friends or partners.

Everybody has this love within them and the ability to go within and find it. Everybody has the ability to heal oneself from the inside out.

Being a Nurse and a Reiki practitioner, I believe that there is a very important place for Complementary and Eastern medicine, just like conventional medicine. I believe that Reiki is a way of life and I endeavor to continue to live through it.

I am a dedicated Reiki practitioner by ensuring I am grounded, clear, calm and compassionate to the best of my ability. I do this by practicing meditations, yoga and self-Reiki. I always look for ways to better my practice so that people can experience the best possible treatment.

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Nancy Iannotti

I’m Nancy, a qualified Reiki Master based in Melbourne, Australia. With a passion for self-growth and development, as well as healing and spirituality, the desire to help people is at the core of all my work.

Registered Nurse and member of the Australian Reiki Connection Inc.

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